Prices are in US dollars.

Please check under the read more if you’re interested.

Reblogs are greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Commissions are currently open!

Hello, I’m Tina! I’ve been thinking about doing commissions for a while, and I decided to start during my spring break. This is my first time, so please put that into your consideration.

Contact me at (that’s four t’s!)

I’ll draw both OCs and fanart. I will not draw NSFW, though! Only one character per image.

Here are some rules/things to keep in mind:

  • Please check your email daily at least! If I am unsure of something, I’ll want to consult you ASAP.
  • I only use PayPal! You don’t need a PayPal account to pay me, but you must have a credit card.
  • I will send you a money request from “Cryptina’s Commissions” when I start the commission, but you do not have to pay until I send you a small .JPEG of the image and you are satisfied.
  • After confirming the money transaction, I will email you the finished .PNG file. It’ll be around 1000x1500px

If you want to commission me, email me with this information:

  • Your name/what you want to be referred to as
  • Type of commission: Headshot ($6) or Torso ($12)
  • Character name + references/detailed description: Specify what pose/expression or I’ll just chose myself!
  • Background:  Either a color scheme or transparent. Default will be white.
  • Any additional information

Thank you for your time!

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